How To Apply

HangUps Iron-On Instructions

Use the “Cotton” setting on your iron. Do not use steam. Use enclosed parchment paper square.

When applying HangUps to your garment there are a few easy steps you need to follow, but remember, the HangUps eyeglass holder is permanent, so make sure it’s placed in the exact position you desire.


First, it is VERY important to check the heat tolerance of the fabric you’re going to use.  To do this, check the garment’s care label to see whether ironing on higher heat is or is not recommended.  If ironing is allowed, then set your iron to the ‘cotton’ setting and allow it to reach temperature before starting step 3.   DO NOT USE A STEAM SETTING.


While your iron is heating…

To ensure proper placement of your HangUps it is advisable to put your garment on and, while looking in the mirror, use a small strip of transparent tape to place the HangUps exactly where you want it (See photo below).


Once your iron is up to temperature, carefully place your garment on the ironing board.

Make sure your HangUps are still in the right position, and it is lying straight and flat.

Remove the transparent tape making sure not to change the position of your HangUps.

Cover the HangUps with the square of parchment paper provided in your packet and carefully place the iron over the parchment paper and move it slowly back and forth for 15-20 seconds.


Wait at least 2 minutes before you slowly and carefully remove the parchment paper.

And that’s it! Now you’ll always know where your glasses are!

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