About Us

A few years ago, I purchased a name-brand sports shirt that had a sewn-on tab just above the left breast pocket.  I wore the shirt several times with no concern for that little tab, until one day, I took a closer look at the tab and noticed that it was only sewn to the shirt on each end, creating a gap in the middle.  “How clever I thought”, a safe and convenient place to hang my sunglasses when not wearing them.

In fact, it was so convenient, I found myself wearing that shirt indoors more and more just so I could have a way to keep my glasses close at hand.  Until then, I never realized how much time I’d wasted looking for them!

hangups plain

A year or so later, I lost a good pair of shades over the side of a boat.  I remembered the tab on my long-gone sports shirt, and the many times it saved me from losing my glasses.

That got me thinking – maybe there is a way I could somehow create my own shirt tab – one that I could easily put on any tee, polo, or sport shirt.  That’s when the idea for Hang-Ups, the first of its kind, iron-on eyeglass keeper was born.

It took almost two years to find the right fabric for our product, and even longer to find an adhesive that would last through hundreds of washings.  When we did succeed, it resulted in a simple but practical iron-on solution to keep your glasses safe and handy anywhere you go.  Imagine a life without lost or damaged sunglasses!

If you’re like me, you’ll have a HangUps tab on every tee and polo shirt you own.  I’ve also applied them to dress shirts, jeans, shorts, jackets and even a baseball cap.  They work great!

I trust you will be as excited to use our Hangups as we are in sharing them with you.